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SplicepicturesX archive--A-Pic-A-Day 10-20-13

She puts the glamour into glamour!

New!! Instapic from Instagram

Appears to be from "The Untitled Underwar Project" by Josh Soskins, which, when he published it, had nothing of her in it. Too bad.

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Eugenia seeking help.

Her caption for this cute one is - "I need a landscaper."

NEW!! A-Pic-A-Day

New update from 18Magazine.  Don't usually do so close apart, but this on came out yesterday

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Eugenia's art being displayed and auctioned in Kyiv.

See story on her Facebook.

NEW! Extra-Extra-Extraordinary

Screenshots from newest 18 Magazine update Katie Fey 67. Unfortunately much of these are in what photographers call "soft focus>" That means they're a little blurry. That because those Katie Fey guys had a habit of always rolling or moving the camera. She's moving, the camera's moving; therefore, the shots aren't as focused as one would like. I could have sharpened them a bit but that takes too much time. However, they're still half-way decent and extremely sexy. Enjpy! Best viewed in full screen

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Most beautiful artist in the world.

God I LOVE her smile.

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Another 'Stunner' #72 by splice

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#71 by splice

Classic beauty.Note: splice says he only has a few more photos of her to post. He is, as we've expected, nearing the end. Additionally, he is hoping to have his book, which will feature Eugenia among others. ready by the Spring of 16.

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New candid shots. EDITED again

She titled this - "I urgently need candies." I think she's sweet enough already..and a 2nd shot with friend Darya out for some Pizza. 3rd shot getting on her best Frida Kahlo.