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Professional Eugenia HD wallpapers

Thanks to Jesper from HDScan for this awesome wallpapers from Jenya's Playboy biker session and more.

SplicepicturesX archive--A-Pic-A-Day 10-20-13

She puts the glamour into glamour!

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Jenya showing her happiness in the workplace.

"We work in a good mood)))) We have a great team in general, without tediousness."

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Jenya and the Snowman - Playboy

lol, here's Jenya and the snowman courtesy of Playboy. Pretty funny stuff: 

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Jenya trims her tree.

This photo came with a rather sad message.

"Decorate the Christmas tree). For the fourth year in a row, I note the new year without my family. The closer prazdnik- the sadder I get. I hope that in 2016, I met with my family in the Ukraine. This will be my New Year wish"

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She's really quite talented.

I just received the two plates I ordered from Jenya today. They're even more impressive when you see them in front of you. The detail is awesome. This woman is obviously not just another pretty face. We've seen them before, here, but I'm so pleased I thought I'd show you the ones I purchased.


More plate artwork

Three new pieces of plate art

NEW! From stefan grosjean A-Pic-A-Day 12-06-14

More good stuff from grosjean


a great archive....