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Professional Eugenia HD wallpapers

Thanks to Jesper from HDScan for this awesome wallpapers from Jenya's Playboy biker session and more.

SplicepicturesX archive--A-Pic-A-Day 10-20-13

She puts the glamour into glamour!

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Interview for Russian Chicago Mag

Looks to be a legit interview. Mentions her work on colourizing old film and also corroborates what I've suspected for a while now: it's over. She's tired of modelling, and wants to concentrate on new things.

You feel that hole being torn inside you? That's the implosion of your universe.

New instapics from instagram

Keeping up with the goddess

Play Strip Blackjack with Jenya and Win plus more! A-Pic-A- Day 10-12-14

For those new to this site, you can play Jenya in Strip Blackjack and have here remove all her clothes just for you. However, the goal of geeting her clothes off her is not always easy. I would say that in 85% of the time I have tested her, I have succeeded in my goal. So if you want to play, here are some helpful hints.

1. When you are dealt two tens or face cards, do not split. The overwhelming majority of the time, you will lose.

2. When dealt 13 you will usually lose whether you bet or not.

NEW! From Stefan Grosjean

Ain't those--uh--I mean--SHE!--purty?

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is this new or recycled content?

I stumbled across this: and can't find any other source for the images.  Anyone know if this is new and where the images can be sampled?  Thanks.



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Thank you splice.

Here is a larger version of one I saw on splice's Web page awhile back. It was previously paired with a portrait of her. It's a beauty and probably his last, unless she does another shoot with him. I had written him and asked if he would publish it in a larger size and he came thru.


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New Cosmid Photoset - Eugenia's White Bed

Seems he's indeed broken the mould as there's been a new photoset today of Eugenia. We've seen a couple of previews of this set before. There's 74 photos in total, and she looks wonderful. It was a pretty tame set though, if you catch my drift.