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SplicepicturesX archive--A-Pic-A-Day 10-20-13

She puts the glamour into glamour!

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Anyone know...

the origin of this photo?


Modeling again.

Her newest webstagram post reads "Another shooting with Fabian Perez​," so I think it's safe to assume that she is modeling at least for him. I sent her a question about it. Don't know if she'll answer or not.

NEW! Is there a chance she's back into being photographed?

The first pic is from her westagram page, and was photographed by Fabian Perez, the artist who made some paintings of her a few years ago.  Went to his site. Nothing there that is new of her. Wonder if he is painting her again, or is this for something else. If the pic is old, I've never seen it. The 1984 pic is just a candid. Here are some pics of his artwork of her from his site.

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I think I'll go for a swim.

Summer just can't come soon enough.

Happy Birthday, Eugenia

Today is the Goddess' birthday.  Well, I was late getting home to post, so actually yesterday...

At any rate, I hope it was a delightful day for her!


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Happy Birthday Butt

...hope she has a GREAT one.

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Lets see... 2010 photo. Right about now is when the kid swears off ice cream forever.

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A Princess and her castle.

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...but some things just can't be cooled down. YOU'RE JUST WAY TOO HOT.