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SplicepicturesX archive--A-Pic-A-Day 10-20-13

She puts the glamour into glamour!

NEW Instapic from Instagram Plus one special

Elegance!!!!!!   Go to comments section for special pic.

More snaps from new video

Some of the images on this video only last a frame or two, so much of these snaps and some of the earlier ones I posted are of those scenes you only get a quick glimpse at. Therefore, ENJOY!

Oh! I hope that shark's head was soft!


Oh, my, oh, my! Disciples of Desire                                Well, I KNOW this will keep you up night, during the day, and any other time. If asked for a password, it is    genie.




NEW Instapic from Instagram A-Pic-A-Day

Malibu Beach, the caption reads.

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Eugenia - Just a Glimpse


Oh boy oh boy

NEW (I think) Stefan Grosjean A-Pic-A-Day

Don't remember it--can't find it. I think it's new, but am sure I will be told if it is not. Enjoy

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#70 by splice

Katie's pussy

I am checking all the 18Magazine photo sets, comparing them with the 'old' Katie Fey pictures.

There are several brand-new sets, and many photos that were discarded even in the 'known' sets. Some set, anyway, is still unreleased as 18Magazine but available only as Katie Fey; I'm trying to make a list and I will post it here when I'll finish.

One of the strangest discarded photos is this one, now in the set n. 15178 that was called "dayout" on

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Content with her destiny.

Eugenia posted this comment with the photo below. I hope she's truely convinced since giving up her former dream of being a Playmate in the U.S.

"I'm definitely happy person. Because I found myself. Today I know exactly where I want to be and who I am."