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SplicepicturesX archive--A-Pic-A-Day 10-20-13

She puts the glamour into glamour!

New Instapic from Instagram

I know a color version of this was recently posted, but this is a black and white verson she posted on Instagram.

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The face of a lifetime.

I am aware there are those of you who prefer to focus on Eugenia's vaginal area. This is for those who prefer to gaze upon the reason she lasted so long in a field famous for short careers.


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EDITED - #80 by splice with a note...

"The Eugenia book will be ready the end of May." Book size will be 8.5 x 12 inches.

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EDITED Larger photo. Content to be an artist.

"I'm so happy to know who I am.I'm so happy to be able to do what I love."


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Further Eugenia Book marketing by splice.

It's getting close.


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Lunch in Santa Monica.

With Darya.


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Latest splice Eugenia book update.

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Who has the better photos?

Who has the better photos? Kaldendar 2009 Hortica

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Eugenia and her Painter's Muse