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SplicepicturesX archive--A-Pic-A-Day 10-20-13

She puts the glamour into glamour!

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So unusual.

This is one of my favorites of Eugenia. her expression is so rare. She is usually smiling or has a sultry look. In this one she has an expression that says "I'm pissed. Don't EVER do that again."


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Eugenia featured.

Eugenia is featured in this project by splice. Not sure of the extent but this appears to be one of the photos.


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Teen Eugenia.

Her caption was "I was 13 years old here."

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Identity? Anyone know...

... the identity of the 2 ladies with Eugenia in this photo?


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A photo I don't remember.

...From a post she titled  -  "I'm proud to be a Ukrainian."

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Interview Eugenia recently posted on her Facebook.

I'm about to read this but I thought I'd post it for you guys first.

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#68 by splice

From her first photoshoot. Instapic from Instagram

Are there more pictures from this set available? If someone has them, please post. I believe I've seen a couple of other pictures similar to this one, but now a whole set. Jenya posted this one on Instagram with the note that this is from her first photoshoot.

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Interview with Michael.

The interview previously mentioned back in mid May begins at the 20:06 mark. I, of course, didn't understand a word but I enjoyed her passionate, controlled speech and she was delightfully cute as always. It would be awesome to have a translation though