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SplicepicturesX archive--A-Pic-A-Day 10-20-13

She puts the glamour into glamour!

Katie Fishnet


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Freezing her Buns in SFO

Eugenia killing the 'School Librarian' look in San Francisco. LOVE those glasses. So Hot.

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Driving to San Francisco

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Eugenia on a 'potty break'.

Our doll amazed by the size of this key chain.

NEW!! REVISED!! Dis of Des

Follow link to GIF. I used my AVS screen capture option to record the GIF. From that I enlarged it on my screen and took sanpshots of individual segments.  And from that I processed the photo size with Photoshop. So, what you see here is not what you see in the video.

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Free Katie strip poker & blackjack


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Died and gone to . . . The Hidden A-Jen-Da

18Magazine--Video 69 (i could make a joke but won't) Screen caps. Sorry if they're slightly blurred (photographers call that soft focus, not wanting to admit they made a mistake. Anyway. Just about every frame has something good in it.

A few snaps fm Bathtime

So, amyway, I downloaded the vid by clicking on the link provided in the original post. I have Windows. At the bottom of my screen a menu appeared giving me options to open or save. Clinking save takes you to another menu where you click on save as. That allows you to surf your hard drive to determine where you want to save the info. Once you determine that hit save. I know most of you probably already know this, but apparently some have had trouble downloading the vid. Hope this helps.