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SplicepicturesX archive--A-Pic-A-Day 10-20-13

She puts the glamour into glamour!

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More of a good thing.

I found the 1st one on She is listed under Jenya D and Katie Fey on the models page. I don't remember where I found the 2nd one. Probably deviantart. They had some similar creations a couple years back. I thought they were neat.


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Beautiful girl, Beautiful location, grueling job.

...the disinterested look on her face is just one step away from - "If you take one more photo today I'm shoving that camera up your ass."

I love these candid moments during a professional shoot.

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Eugenia's sketch for new painting.

This one seems to have more realism than her other girls. She is softer, sweeter and more feminine. She even has a shapeliness to her breasts. I hope this is a trend. It may be my immagination but I think I even detect a slight blemish at the outer edge of her right eye where she has the small scar that she tried to hide in all of her photos. This looks like it will be a beauty.

Her new painting: "Firefly"

Beautiful! Reminds one of the Edgar Allan Poe poem "Annabel Lee": .

It was many and many a year ago. . In a kingdom by the sea. .That a maiden there lived whom you may know . . . By the name of ANNABEL LEE;. . And this maiden she lived with no other thought . . Than to love and be loved by me. . . . .


Jenya vids

This should take you to wikibit where you'll find a number of Jenya vids. Most, many of s have already seen, but there are few that may be new to most of us.  The one I was trying to link to is at the bottom of the page on the right. You'll see Jenya hugging a man. I believe the full interview was posted awhile back, but not his bacstage loo. No nudity, but, boy does she look radiant.

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where is this from?

Is there more of this? anyone knows?