Eugenia Diordychuk

Aka: Katie Fey - Jenya D - Shawnee - Evgeniya Diordiychuk - Yevgenia Diordiychuk.

Date of birth: 30/03/1983
Measurements: hight - 5'5' (167 cm ), bust - 34, waist - 24, hips - 34 ( 88/63/88 ).
Weight: 50.4 Kg.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Eyes colour: Dark green.
Hair colour: Brown.
Origin: Druzhkovka - Ukraine.
Current location: Los Angeles - California.
Occupation: Professional model, photographer, painter.
Piercings: Belly button, nipples.
Hobbies: Dancing, traveling and reading.
Sign: Aries.

Professional experience:

Evgenia has over 10 years of modeling experience.
She is very popular model on the Internet in particular and has lots of publications both here in Ukraine and abroad.
She is well known as Katie Fey on the Internet.

I'm a model located in Kiev UA.
My hair is dark brown (long).
I have brown eyes, light tan skin.
My dress size is 3, shoe size 7.
My modeling interests are art and swimwear.
I love shopping, and in my free time take a great interest to eastern dances.

First of all Evgenia is a dancer, flamenco and classical choreography.
She is also an artist – drawing and silk painting.
Jenya finished University with a diploma of clothing designer but she had chosen the career of a model and a fashion photographer.
She is highly professional model and learns photography.


Evgenia Diordiychuk is an eastern European model specialising in erotic, nude and semi-nude photography. She enjoys an extensive internet fan base, mostly under the pseudonym Katie Fey.
Originally noted for being "shy," and often doing non-nude, though sexually suggestive and topless posing, she has recently begun revealing her pubic hair (or shaved mons pubis) and, to a limited degree, her labia. Her website now advertises her as,"Now 100% Fully Nude!," likely due to greater competition for page views from more explicit web sites. However, she remains reticent about doing anything "hardcore," choosing to work solo almost exclusively (occasionally posing with another woman in suggestive, but non-sexual sets), refusing traditional pornographic genital or anal close-ups, does not work with men, nor does she perform explicit masturbation (although she does simulate masturbation in several of her video offerings, it appears to be more as part of her stripper/tease routine). This may be part of her appeal, making her more of a "girl next door."

Evgenia holds a fashion design degree and is a professional modern and flamenco dancer. She says she would, one day, like to become just like a female Hugh Hefner.

Appearances in Playboy

Today, Jenya counts with 15 Playboy magazine covers. Evgenia 'Broke Out' of the online world, appearing as cover model and centrefold of the November 2008 issue of Ukranian Playboy and as centrefold (a different photo set) in both the November 2008 issue of Argentinean Playboy and November 2008 issue of Greek Playboy (these latter sets being promoted as "Evgenia Diordiychuk: naked and in danger" to cross-promote the, then-new, second Daniel Craig James Bond movie).
In March 2009 she was among the last 10 nominees for russian Playboy Playmate of the year and in October she was awarded with the Ukraine Playboy Playmate of the year been the cover of that month Ukraine Playboy and the main guest of the party to celebrate this award.
In August 2011 Jenya was CyberGirl of the month for PlayBoy's CyberClub.

As Shawnee

It was under the name Shawnee at Teen Stars Magazine online that Evgenia Diordiychuk first appeared. There she first established her non-nude and semi-nude style.The photos are now all years out of date and she has clearly moved on to promoting herself under her real name and under the Katie Fey brand.

As Katie Fey

It was under the Katie Fey brand that Evgenia Diordiychuk began to receive significant online notice. Under this brand she has one of the largest fan chat listings at Peachy Forum (1,474 postings) and 62 pages of chat postings at As Katie Fey, Evgenia Diordiychuk is promoted by Wonton Media LLC, a subsidiary of Pictormedia, an online developer of adult websites located in Spain. A number of other models share the 'Fey' brand, including Felicity Fey, Tabatha Fey and Ana Fey. None of them is related to Katie Fey, they are all just models using the 'Fey' brand through Pictormedia.

"Katie" gave an interview to Girl Next Door magazine which provides some personal information and in which she gives her real first name, Evgenia.

At MetArt (as Jenya D.)

Evgenia Diordiychuk also appears under the name Jenya D. (Jenya being the short form of Evgenia) in photo sets created for the Met Art website. In these sets, her work is often (slightly) more explicit (though her Katie Fey brand is achieving parity, presumably due to the wider attention her more explicit MetArt sets have garnered) and she often appears with other women (often Met Art model Liza B.) though, again, engaging in nothing more than suggestive touching, never sex (nothing more explicit than a kiss). Met Art is a soft core web site that does not show explicit sex scenes. Jenya D.'s photo sets are often rather less explicit than others appearing on the Met Art site. Jenya D. has appeared in 110 photo sets on MetArt, making her one of their most popular models.

American Apparel

In 2013 Jenya started modeling for the clothing brand American Apparel in the United States, her pictures can be seen in their catalog and Tumblr site. Jenya can be seen modeling from underwear to casual clothings.

Very special thanks to Jenya for her help reviewing this biography and all the ED.Com guys that participated in the elaboration of this page.


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Most obvious that I see is to include artist under occupation, (photography has kind of taken a back seat) and change her location to LA, U.S.A. I guess you could include Marital Status - Liberated.

I'm not sure how much she is involved in professional dance of any kind. She has recently started teaching art.
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Added painter under ocupations and her current location.

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Hi I_Love_Her. I was just reviewing Jenya's bio. Overall a great job. I just noticed a couple of things.

1. She is listed in two different locations in the bio as having different colored eyes. First dark green then, just below, brown.
2. She is listed as living in LA and then, just below, in Kiev UA.
#. No mention was made of her teaching art and she, in fact, recently posted it herself on her Facebook page showing some of her students. We might want to add that since she seemed particularly proud to be teaching art and she gets so much pleasure from her art.

The color of Jenya' eyes. . . . Let's see . . . Maybe this will help.

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Great stuff man. There's that fabulous face again. I was mainly referring to the accuracy of the information we have on the site.

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Hope this one works.

Now I see it. Those eyes, that face--she just melts your heart!

I know. I was just playing around. Her eyes do look brown in this picture, though. How would you like to wake up every morning with her staring in your eyes like that? Oh, man! Hey, did you get your purchase? I hope it looks good on your wall.

Your pic didn't upload for some reason.

Actually, I had that pic ready to go because I am going to post it with a few other pics from that set, Cover, in which she looks so very, very gorgeous. Jenya, thou art WOMAN!

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Really? I'm looking right at it. It's huge. I don't understand how it can show on my end but not on yours. Maybe they took it down. They don't like real large images on this site. I even previewed it and it was there. Sorry.

Yes. I received my photo. Nicely framed. Signed by the photographer. Looks great on my wall. Thanks.

On my screen, there is a box with an x in it and the words online image 1. I've seen a few times when I couldn't see the images of others or they couldn't see mine. Must be some sort of server glitch, I guess. I'm redoing my post, because the edit button was gone from my post so I deleted the whole thing to start over.

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Jeff, you see it because you linked an image that is in your gmail account, as you are logged in to it you can access it, but the rest of us mortals cant see what is in your gmail box.
I dont usually take down pictures, only if they are watermarked with sites we dont want to promote here in most cases or if its just spam.
Try to save the image to your pc and then attach it to the post with the form provided for it, also, if you attach the image it will remain saved in ED.Com and wont have to worry in case it is linked from another site and the file is deleted there.

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Thanks for the explanation. Remember you're dealing with an 'old fart' who struggles with computers. The image is in "my pictures"  under library on my computer. Is it saved to the appropriate place or do I have to do something else? I just tried to copy and paste it from there.

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Its fine there. Under the comment box where you type the text there are 2 links, one is "Input Format" and the other "File attachments" right above the buttons to publish the comment, clicking on this one it will show you a form, there click the "Browse" button and find the picture you want in you pc with the dialog it shows. Once you select the file click the "Attach" button and wait until its loaded, then click "Post Comment" and thats it.

Outside of the obvious, which I know you've already taken care of, The only thing I can think of is to simply update her life since moving to LA. Though It would be a lot of work, you might want to consider adding an extensive bibliography of her work thus far (magazines, film, interview,  photography, etc.)

Now, I have a suggestion for you. Well, two, actually. Since you know her brother perhaps you could pass these suggestion along for me. One: Her artwork. Take the non-nude stuff, put those on T-shirts and sell them. Have you noticed the t-shirts little girls are wearing these days? The cats, the clocks, all that kind of stuff (I think) would fit right into today's market. Two: Do some Wal-Mat friendly bathing suit posters and market them. And, if nothing else, start out small and sell them on ebay.



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Belly button (navel) not belly bottom. Current weight 50.4KG :) D.O.B is missing: 30/03/1983.

Middle Eastern is wrong, she's not from Arabia.

"(although she does simulate masturbation in several of her video offerings, she doesn't really seem to become aroused doing so; it appears to be more as part of her stripper/tease routine)."

What, lol? There was one video (split into parts) from katiefey where she caressed her magic kebab, and she certainly looked aroused to me. 

"However, she remains reticent about doing anything "hardcore," choosing to work almost exclusively solo"

She is not reticent. She's stated that she doesn't intend to do this.

"(though her Katie Fey brand is achieving parity, presumably due to the wider attention her more explicit MetArt sets have garnered)"

It should be noted that she stopped being photographed for Katie Fey over six years ago. Also, the way it worked she really didn't have much of a say in anything. 

"As Vanessa Gojgic"

You should take this out completely. She has never been known by that name. Some guy just took her pictures from and set up a profile on that Czech site. There is no more reason to include that in her biography than any of the other myriad fake profiles on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Odnoklassniki.

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Fixed many of this points and removed Vanessa all over the site, at the time it seemed like a good idea to have it but yeah, those were early days trolls.

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That's looking better now, but I have to tell you, you still misspelled button. ;)

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lolol, ok ok, my bad, fixed again eagle eye XD

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I am thinking on a few things that maybe we could put some info together, like her current work as painter, her marriage sure could have some room here, also the bachelor, having some info on other works like with Enenko, american apparel and so maybe.

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Well guys, the biography got reviewed by Jenya and we made some changes to the info, but there is still more things we can add here so lets keep at it.

"My hobby is erotic shooting..." is that accurate? What are her hobbies.

Piercings--Does she still have or use piercings?

Under "Professional Experience" a part of that reads as though she wrote it. Did she? And if so, would she like to update it herself?

What is she passionate about today? On her facebook page there is a link to a site about animal rescue. And on another facebook page, which I erroneously thought was hers until someone here provided a link to the real one, she talks about the Ukrainian Democratic something-or-the-other. (By the way, if you do a facebook search for Eugenia Diordiychuk, it takes you to the page I mentioned).

You probably need to mention her short-lived marriage and the Bachelor TV show controversy leading up to it.

I think a good biography should not only contain facts but should give some insight into just what makes the person tick. Just who is this wonderful woman? Maybe, as a part of her biography, you could get her to write a "this is who I am," paragraph of two.

On that Vanessa Gogic thing, you might ask her if indeed she ever did shoot under that name.

Finally, is her chest size really only a 34? If it  is, it's the best chest full of 34 I've ever seen!




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Ok, yes the hobby thing just doesnt sound right, the professional experience was taken from an old interview in some forgoten site, now it got some updates here. About her feelings and such, we can go by what she writes in FB thought, I will love to ask her directly but well, we will see if the chance comes up.

You know something--you are just about the luckiest guy in the world. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. I read where Jeff007 said she is teaching art  now. If that is true, that should go in her bio.

Also, I am relatively new as a member so had not accessed the "Message from Jenya" link until today. Wow! I wasn't expecting that! Thanks! I know she probably did not write that, but still it's good to pretend. Bye.

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Yeah, she doesnt write the messages, but that picture I got it as a verification that I was talking with the real Jenya long ago when we first got in touch, the original has my real name wrote in the paper sheet, you can imagine what getting that picture meant to me, still today I cant believe it.
So then I thought that maybe I could share it with others and made the Message from Jenya part of the site, and the text of the message are actual words from her, I asked her for a few words for her fans at ED.Com and that is what she said.

By the way, I don't remember if I commented on you interview with her the other week. If I didn't, I want you to know I thought it was great. You didn't take up too much of her time, your questions were non-controversial and it was a generally nice conversation. And that is probably the way a first interview should be. Great stuff, great site.

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Thanks Jenmyluv, I try my best to have a nice site but it is the people that comes and participates the ones that make ED.Com what it is.
About the interview, was something improvised and obviously really exciting to me to have the chance to talk with her.

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Piercings--Does she still have or use piercings?

She took out the barbells in her nipple piercings. Navel I'm not sure. Also, she used to have a nose stud. You can see that in her early work as Shawnee.
I_Love_Her's picture

Well, thing with the piercings is that she may wear them or not depending on her mood thought, so I think that leaving them here as a reference of where she can wear them will do fine.
The one on the nose was a piercing or some sticky thing?


djmax's picture

Oh, I was just responding to jenmyluv, what's in her bio regarding piercings is fine. 

As for the nose stud - you're absolutely right, it's a stick-on. 

More on nose piercing. I don't see any indication in this photo of any piercing. But, who nose (get it?)? What a beautiful smile!