Jenya D Woman by Voronin - Eugenia Diordiychuk at Met Art.flv
Jenya D Woman by Voronin - Eugenia Diordiychuk at Met Art.jpg


just only horny expression ..she is just standing and rolling on floor ...i am again disappoint 

Boring, the same than smoke

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There's never been enough Eugenia videos so one more is always welcome. 



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She is a Woman indeed.

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What do these guys expect from her videos? Most of her videos are just from her photoshoots, it's not like she's a pornstar or anything...

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I agree clockwork57. This is not porn. Jenya is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Her expressive personality makes love to the camera like no one since Marilyn Monroe. This is truely art in its purest form. Observing beauty of this nature can never be boring, no more than a painting by Monet or Renoir. She is simply breathtaking!!!

c'mon guys,, if ur looking for porn, hardcore porn,,go look somewhere else.
pls respect the art that is: JENYA

always my fave model